Friday, October 14, 2005

This is now punk rock

Had a great time at the Japanther / Sharp Like Knives / Windom Earle / Gilbert Switzer show last night at Baba's. Taylor and I didn't make it to the all ages show but the one at Baba's was pretty hopping as well. Much much kodos to Windom Earle for always doing both whenever he comes back to townand for getting the other bands on board, too.

I was happy to get a note from one of the guys from Gilbert Switzer this morning saying they liked the pictures I took and asking if they could use them. It's always nice to know that while I don't pretend to be any good at it and don't have any fancy gear I can still snap a good shot every now and then.

I was pretty stoked that Japanther came to the island. They're one of the more talked-about punk bands these days so to get to see them was a real treat. They were pretty minimalist, just a bass player and drummer, but they do a lot with electronics and enhancing the sound. Plus dude was singing into a telephone receiver. That punk as hell.

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