Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Welcoming Back CBC

It's hard to explain how great it was this morning to have my alarm clock go off, and as I was fumbling around stabbing at buttons to try and make it stop like always, and to remember that CBC should finally be back. I'm a bit of a sucker for routine. Without something regular to depend on I fall into the abyss pretty easily. And I've used CBC's pretty static schedule to set my internal clock since I was about 9 or so when I first started listening to CBC radio.

I think it was then that I started finding it more interesting to hear about what's going on in the world and learn new things no matter when I was listening than it was to listen to the same songs over and over again on the other radio stations. All the other kids found it so bizarre that I would want to listen to that boring stuff but I was the opposite, I couldn't listen to those morning DJs for longer than 5 minutes. They made, and still do make, the voices in my head seem positively pleasant by comparison.

I've loved CBC radio ever since. It, along with my parents for sure, served as a guide for how to speak and communicate, certainly I tried to take a lot more from the intelligent, enlightening and friendly conversatons I'd hear each day than I ever did from the the kids at school. I owe the fact that people always used to remark at how mature I sounded to my continually having a source of intelligent adult conversations. And my tendency to pick up and remember things that I hear meant that having CBC was like a continual source of new tidbits for my brain to absorb.

Sure I've got the Internets now, and instant access to more information than I'll ever need. But there's something to be said for passive media. I might not click on a human interest news story about some tiny community in Norther Ontario, but when some CBC producer does a good job of uncovering, teasing out and presenting such a story then I've learned something and gained a perspective I wouldn't have had.

Right now they're still reving back up, doing a morning show from Montreal and playing archived documentaries, but there was a few familiar voices back on the air and a good interview about the new NHL rules, making for an interesting parallel of slowly waking back up and getting re-acquainted with old and familiar institutions.

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