Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Now that I am back in town

Any I am back on the island now. I haven't really had a good chance to post. But the the remainder of the trip was pretty cool. Me and a couple of firend on Sunday hit the Science center. There was so much cool stuff there. I saw an aged picture of myself (AHHHHHHHH). I also found out my right hand grip is almost as strong as the averge male my age, where as my left hand grip is pretty much on par with the female population my age. They have some great displays, including a planatarium, and bones from many different animals. I could have spent the day in the science arcade (totally geek heaven).
The afternoon of Saturday was spent at Casa Loma, of which there was more stairs than I ever thought existed, Wow. But it was mostly a museum of the guy who owned it and his wife. They lived with luxuries I can't even really imagine and he was a military man. It was interesting to see all the uniforms through out his life. There were tunels that led to various other buildings including stables and what looked like a military lunch room. It was really kind of neat. The two towers gave a nice prespective of Toronto.
The evening was spent at the CN tower. To be honest, it was okay, it was high, but it didn't really do much for me. I looked out saw all the lights of toronto, but the glass was filled with finger prints so my pictures all look like a tourist who was quickly taking shots. Thought there are several points in the trip where this is true. The biggest turn off of the CN tower was the waiting, you spend 10 minutes to get to the glass floor (which I will admit was a bit disorientating, then another 20 mintues to get to the sky pod, the hightest look out in the world (or so they claim) and then at least 20 minutes in line to get down. I would say the CN tower was my least favorite touristy thing I did.
Monday was the zoo. Best zoo visit of my life. I often have issues with animals in cages, but over years I have learned the value of zoos. The reason this one was so good was that I have yet see a zoo with such large enclosures for their animals. As well my friend Jessica and I were brought to the place by a friend of her father. The friend is head of maintenance. So we got to go behind the scenes and pet some of the animals. I got to pet a rino (her skin was like the really dry skin on feet in the summer). Then I got pet a large bird, I can't remember what kind she was but, she was blind and no longer in the exihibit. That was awsome. Jess and I also got to go back to the cages with the leopards and play tug a war with a bay spider monkey....It was pretty awsome.. Tueday I got on a plane and came home.
Over all I would say that I enjoyed the trip greatly. It was like a trip down memory lane because I got visit with people I went to high school with, university with and people that were at my school when I did my masters. it was awsome.
Pictures to follow...once I sort through them I took like 600 (I love digital)

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