Friday, October 07, 2005

The Downside of Trash Talking

I'm pretty good at trash talking. Unfortunately, I think I might have bit off more than I can chew. It started with a bet with Greg (hell it usually starts with a bet with Greg). Greg needed a car to run at the autosalom in Moncton, he's been eyeing my Celica for some time now, and having beaten Greg by a considerable margin at the last two events, I decided to make a bet:

1. Greg gets to run my car at the Moncton event.
2. Loser pays for supper.
3. Winner gets bragging rights.

4. I get to run Greg's car at the Fredericton event.
5. Loser pays for supper.
6. Winner get bragging rights.

Under these conditions, the person running his own car has the advantage because they are familiar with their own vehicle. Venue is a bit irrelevant as both of us have run at both places. Of course, I'm not known to make bets I know I can't win. I did have a few cards up my sleeve.

A. Greg's conservative and gives up easily. He finally beat his rival a few events back and I was counting on him to be still soaking in the victory and more or less conceding he was good enough and stopped trying to improve.

B. I was counting on my ability to pick up things quickly and be able to learn to drive his car fast before I ran out of runs.

C. Me being better driver.

In the end, I won both events. I've been trashtalking Greg on his club's message board for the past few weeks (as is my right). It was getting pretty bad, so I decided to ease off. Bad mistake. I think there's a rule of war that basically states to never allow your opponent to see weakness or show your opponent mercy. I had posted something about Honda owners and before I posted it, I was like "if someone reads this wrong, they could be pretty pissed". After a few minutes of debate it, I decided to post it anyways. Next thing I know, I'm in the middle of a flame war.

So, a few defensive post and now I'm back on the offensive again. That was close. Now I have to keep this up until things die down again.

By Ming - 9:57 p.m. |

If I know my netiquette, I believe therule is that someone has to compare another poster to Hitler before you're allowed to end the flamefest.
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