Friday, October 07, 2005

I'll wait for Web 2.1, thanks.

Memo to Google Reader:

I know Google likes to brag about pagerank and such, but why would you think I'd want to read the same blog post over and over since you've decided that sorting items by 'relevance' and not deleting old items should be the default way your RSS reader works?

OK, so a lot of people are reading the same slashdot article, that doesn't mean I want to see it every time I go to the Google Reader page. This is the same crap you're trying to pull with gmail. Honestly, if it wasn't for POP access so I can use Thunderbird I'd have switched over to Yahoo! mail by now. It's not actually more convenient that a reply to an email I sent last week be burried halfway down the page as a little ", me" in bold next to the old email's subject line. New emails go at the top, so we can find them.

I'd instruct you to fire your UI usability people, but they probably wouldn't get the email because their mail client would probably bubble a little 'you're fired' message down to the bottom of their new messages list and it wouldn't make a difference.

For now I think I'll be sticking with Bloglines. It's a little more old-fashioned looking (*gasp* Frames!) but it doesn't pretend to know better than me which items I actually want to read.

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