Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dream Diary: HalifaxHell

I move to Halifax with a friend and another roommate I don't know. I don't think to tell anyone. We are in a nice little house, very tidy. I was supposed to move in with someone else but I wasn't able to so they have the room free.

I find myself getting lot in a series of paths on the side of the hill that lead down from the highway that our house is on to the shore and also up to the bridge that leads to the city. I climb on a bus and ask if it goes downtown. He the driver draws 2 squares that connect at the bottom by one long line on my hand. Then he asks how you would explain how to find distance on a map to children. I fade into a memory of the same bus driver, older man with a beard, in another setting, probably a bar telling a story. Then it comes back and I'm at home again.

The next part is sitting in a theatre. A band is up playing, it's a show. I am sitting in the front row. The next band up is a metal band, sort of like gruesome feast. . When this band start people don't really know what to make of it. The playing is very good, and there's a screen above the band with a camera that shoots in and zooms around and looks very professional' and spectacular.

But the people sitting behind me, in the second row, felt like they had to disrupt things, so they started to strip down to streak the show. Sadly, another scene shift.

I'm at the house again, everyone is home including a bunch of very attractive people there for some kind of after party. I try and be sociable, mostly to little effect. People are nice enough but don't seem interested in conversation.

Then someone says 'let's go to the beach' and we all head out the door and across the highway. At this point all the people have disappeared, and I'm on the side of a hill, having to face the twists of dug-out paths and slippery grass and walkways and concrete stairs.

I find a path that seems to lead downhill, but as I walk down it the walls get higher and higher, and are lined with concrete. Then I step into about a foot of water. I must be in some kind of drainage or flood system. I turn around but the water level starts to rise quickly.

I spot a steel ladder and wade towards it.

Scene shift, I'm climbing the same steel ladder, but everything is black. The ladder starts to move by itself, downwards. There's a set of concrete stairs to my left, but are at an awkward angle. I start hearing the sounds of a fire-and-brimstone sermon coming form all around me. I figure I have to get off the ladder and onto the stairs. Then I jump off the ladder and try and grab on the railing of the stair case.

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