Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Funny Politicians on Twitter Moment

This is a copy and paste from my twitter stream:
Elizabeth May ElizabethMay is going home
jessamyn west jessamyn Richard Stallman's auto-reply mesage is totally strange. Why am I surprised?
Elizabeth May ElizabethMay is watching the news.
Jack Layton jacklayton the interview with Peter Mansbridge on CBC TV
Jack Layton jacklayton
I'm just imagining Elizabeth watching the news, seeing Layton on there, and getting mad and going home. Sorry, that's what happens when you take a gamble and throw all your eggs into your own riding, people forget about you nationally. I mostly just posted this because of the funny synchronisity, though.

As for the two of them, I get the impression that Jack Layton seems to grasp the potential for Twitter in keeping people interested in his campaign, I wouldn't have known about him appearing on CBC without it, for example. On the other hand he has fallen off of using it just to twitter about random thoughts like regular people use and love Twitter for. If I get the impression that they're just getting some intern to post their updates I'm going to sour on a candidate pretty damn quick.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, just seems like she is using it because someone in her circle told her it's what the kids are into these days, but maybe just hasn't crossed that line you need to to really 'get' it. There is a bit of an art to being engaging with your little updates, to the point where I would want to still follow you even after an election.

The most important thing that they are not doing is to @reply to people when they ask them questions. The mini-conversations on Twitter are what make it a social networking site and not just a glorified .plan file. (Bonus points if you know what that is. Triple bonus points if you used to have one. Mine just said "You have new Mail.")

Oh, I just discovered , I am in instant love. How do I get on this train?

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