Thursday, June 12, 2008

PEI on Everything^2

I really liked this part of the Everything^2 node for PEI:

Many (but not all) inhabitants of Prince Edward Island suffer from a strange phenomenon I call "delusional island antagonism syndrome" or DIAS for short.

Visitors to P.E.I. (or "the Island") generally fall in love with the rolling green hills, the rich red clay, the hot white beaches, and the picturesque cityscape. Those who were born and raised on the Island, though, tend to either overlook this magical scenery, or view it as tied to the oppressive and ignorant agrarian society they hate. These sufferers of DIAS consider PEI a prison to escape, not someplace to which to move.

These poor souls often operate under the (false) belief that big cities have higher proportions of cool people. This just isn't the case. Big cities do have more cool people, but only because they have more people, more people of every sort – and therefore more ignorant, rude, stupid people as well. I've met lots of cool people that were raised in weird back-corners of a rural community or even a small city; I've also met scores and scores of incredibly uncool people who were raised in the big city.

To be sure, there are some places on P.E.I. I would never want to live. There are some places here where I would never want to raise children. And I've already acclimated myself to the need to move away, to a big city, in order to go to graduate school, and it is unlikely I'll ever live on P.E.I. after that. But P.E.I. is still one of the best places in the universe to live.

I love Everything^2, it's sort of the tongue-in-cheek Wikipedia where trivia and shit-talk are encouraged as long as you can write half-way decently. I should remember to check it more.

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By al - 10:02 p.m. |

i used to be like that. hated pei. thought it was a trap. couldn't understand why people from away loved it so much. i thought they were just being dazzled by tourism.

but then i met someone who genuinely loved pei, and showed me why. then i realized just how fucking lucky we really are.

yes. i did move away. it wasn't for lack of love for my home province, but for lack of financial opportunity. well, that, and i think a healthy dose of "somewhere else" for awhile helps with the growing.

i've been meaning to make a blog post of similar topic (maybe i already have?), but i'm sure anything i write wouldn't be quite so nicely put.
moe's third paragraph sums me up pretty good. Granted I lived in FREDERICTON. But I couldn't wait to leave this place as soon as high school was over, but after three years I couldn't wait to come back.

I guess I just really love talking about PEI and how in fact, it is awesome.
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