Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I liked Ang Lee's Hulk

There, I said it.  I am a fan of the solitary, dark and booding Hulk, though, and the story of the Hulk is supposed to be a tragic one.  I haven't seen the new film yet but it looks like popcorn fare to me.

The Hulk Dogs thing was stupid but it was something the studio forced on Ang Lee.  And computer graphics  really didn't serve the movie well at all.  But there's no way it deserves the reputation it has. I understand Marvel's desire to have full control over film production now, but it's because they've found a successful formula and they're going to stick to it feverishly from now on. Lee's interpretation of the Hulk remained truer to the spirit of the original story if not the fanboy-pleasing specifics in the most important facet: the Hulk isn't a superhero, he's a force of nature.

Here's an article at Slate that talks about the same thing: Link.

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By al - 8:44 a.m. |

I was a fan of the old Hulk show.... with Lou Ferrigno...

That's the Hulk I remember!

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