Saturday, June 07, 2008

I remember that

I was talking to g. yesterday and the topic of old jobs came up, at which point I did a little google image search for a company I used to work for that sadly seems to have disappeared. But one that that did remain was an image from a tool I built while I was there on a co-op term:

At one point I used it to index to 2 levels down and it produced a huge graph, but one that was actually pretty easy to navigate and understand. This was back when yahoo was mostly a web directory with categories, and everything fit neatly together. For example, there was a box that said "countries" and inside it when you expanded it were sub-nodes that contained each different country listed in the directory. Imagine representing that in two dimensions.

Looks like the UNB prof who started the company went on to write a book, Information Visualization, Second Edition: Perception for Design (Interactive Technologies) has an excerpt as well. Very cool.

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