Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DrupalSN joins Russia in recognizing Abkhazian independence

DrupalSN BadgeI just signed up for an account at the new site, a Drupal-based social networking site for Drupal developers, and I was pretty impressed to see how quickly the site had moved to recognize the independence of that bit of dirt between Russia and Georgia named Abkhazia.

My trivia-nerd self is very interested in the fact that if more bodies do recognize Abkhazia that it will gain the fame of being alphabetically the first country in every list. Expect inflated numbers of internet users from there thanks to me picking it when signing up for sites I don't want to have my personal info. I scrolled down and saw they have South Ossetia, too. I should create an account and pretend to be from Georgia and do some trolling, on such a brand new site it would surely get some attention.

As for the site itself, it looks like it has some potential for showing off some of the social features of Drupal, hopefully they will share their tips on making it look nice and smooth and not hacked together like a lot of drupal sites seem to be, with way too many modules and rough edges around the themes. Maybe they could build a module for partial matching of user names that's smoother than drupal's current implementation that only lets you search by username and not real name.

I've been doing a lot of work in Drupal lately both on my own and for my new job, so I'll be keeping pretty close tabs on the latest developments in the Drupal world, crossing my fingers that some of the more annoying parts of it get ironed out.

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