Saturday, August 02, 2008

Memos: Too Short for Twitter Edition

So yeah, I guess Twitter really has killed me for blogging. Why write 3 paragraphs when you can express it all in 140 characters?

Oh well, here's a few updates for those who haven't been following my every mangled T9-phone-text updates..
  • I start my new job on Monday. I'm working at the UPEI library and I'm pretty excited. For teh record I never really disliked working where I was but not having a pager tying me to home will be nice. (Yeah I don't leave the house much anyway but it will be nice to not have to think 2 weeks ahead before committing to something.)

  • I saw The 9 Lives of L. M. Montgomery again on Thursday night. It was much smoother this time, naturally since the cast has gotten used to their parts and their lines. Also the writers made a few cuts to the second half which were definitely helpful in keeping it moving along. There was also a near sold-out crowd this far along in the season which made me really happy to see them and the theatre doing well.

    There's a scene that is kind of awkward but I don't know how to improve on it. Maud's husband Ewan suffered from what we now know would have been schitzophrenia, but back then, since he was a preacher and kept being tormented by visions of his own damnation and hellfire, they called it "religious melancholia". This is a term I hadn't heard before and it's a very awkward thing to depict in a modern play, but I guess mental-illness-borne delusions are goofy enough before you examine them a century later.

  • I just got back from seeing Young People F***ing at City Cinema. Great film, it's only playing until tomorrow but you should try and find it if you can. It's the only movie I've seen in ages that got sex and relationships 'right', i.e., most of the time they're awkward and ill-conceived and no one is saying what they really mean until they're caught off-guard. Most romance movies make me wince because this thing they depict is completely outside of my own experience and just rings hollow, or worse as an unattainable ideal.

    This movie had me laughing the whole way through but it was me laughing with the characters, even when they're being unfair and mean to each other, because I've been in a fair few of the same situations and it just felt real to me.

  • I'm hosting trivia at Churchill Arms on Tuesday. Haven't done it in a while so it should be pretty fun. Gotta get my ass in gear to think of more questions, though.. Maybe that's why I'm actually blogging, to procrastinate from that. OK, back to it.
I'll try and write more regularly here if I can.

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I have been terrible at getting to the movies this summer and I'm sad I missed this one.
I'm going to have to miss Fido too :(
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