Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hot Dog Stand

A followup to my previous post about how great the Windows 3.1 Program Manager actually was, one more little piece of nostalgia courtesy of Coding Horror: The Hot Dog Stand colour scheme:

I love little peeks into the "oh, fuck it" school of design. Probably some Microsoft product manager asked about making an option in the interface that is perhaps more kid friendly, naturally not allocating any real budget or time or design resources to such a request, but he wanted it done anyway. So the intrepid Microsoft engineer said "this ought to shut the busybody up" and threw together this lovely eye-watering creation.

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By al - 4:06 a.m. |

I thoroughly appreciate this post.

This was my brothers favourite windows scheme.
God, it's like an acid flashback.
i used to use this just to piss off the person next to me in school

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