Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bad Keynot, Bad

I confess that I love iWork '08's Keynote so much that I will often take work home with me so I can use it instead of PowerPoint to prepare presentations. However it still isn't 100% at importing and then re-exporting PowerPoint files, and will sometimes mangle things in weird ways, like putting bullet points back where I removed them, like in this Unix shell script example that I made for a course I have to give in a few minutes:

So I've had to spend the last hour frantically re-editing my presentation. Maybe I removed them the "wrong" way in the first place, I don't really remember. And it looked fine in Keynote when I was editing it there, it was only when I loaded it back into PowerPoint that they showed up. While Keynote is the best software there is for making slide presentations, little things like that are causing me some annoyance when I try to use it in a non-perfect (e.g., PC-bound) world.

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