Monday, July 02, 2007

Broke into the old apartment..

I walked for hours this morning after a party I was at. Was going to just walk home but kept going up side streets I'd never seen before, so many really nice houses in the west royalty-ish area. Never realized charlottetown had such a massive upper middle class that huddled together so closely and copied each others houses so completely. It was rather dreary.

Then I walked past the house I grew up in, and was horrified to see that my perfect little house has had a giant, gaudy, two-storey extension built onto it. I wanted to ring the doorbell and puch the lights out of whoever answered. Little houses are wonderful things, don't go raping them like that.

There is a wooded lot we used to call the Fort that the kids in my neighbourhood all used to play in. I checked it out this morning, judging by the undergrowth no one has played in there since we grew up / moved away

I guess in between soccer practise and every other scheduled activity kids have these days there's no time where the parts just kick them out the door and tell them not to come back until dinner time.

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By al - 2:49 p.m. |

What a sin!!! Those kids should definitely be playing in "the Fort". I hate how so many kids have scheduled lives. I agree with some routine but schedules and agendas are for old people, like us.

I hope seeing these things today didn't spoil your childhood memories.
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