Saturday, June 30, 2007

My E-Mail to CBC Radio's The House

Peter MacKay is trying his best to hide Harper's charge to snuggle up to the United States. Unfortunately for him, he's just not very smart. Here's what I wrote to CBC's show The House on the subject:
Peter MacKay let slip something very telling today in your interview with him about a shift to foreign aid focus to the Americas. When asked if Canada was not just mirroring U.S. policy, MacKay sought to reassure Canadians that Canada would have leverage to help deal with human rights and democracy issues in Cuba and Venezuela.

Mentioning Venezuela specifically when there are many other South and Central American nations in far worse shape reveals that Canada's New Government is buying into the Hugo Chavez as Bogey-man narrative being pushed by the Bush Administration and the U.S. news media. This doesn't leave me with a lot of hope that Canada will be a positive force in our own part of the world.

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