Monday, April 16, 2007

Q? Queue? Cue? Qué?

Within 5 seconds of me tuning in to CBC's new show, notfreestyle, Gian Ghomeshi made a Snakes on a Plane joke. Bad sign.

Gian's selling point is supposedly that he's funny, unfortunately when he's just by himself in a studio, or if he's interviewing someone who isn't also funny themselves, then he comes off as completely dry.

They're interviewing a conductor of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, and the recording had hisses and gaps, which make it sound like it was done using some kind of digital recording device that compressed just a little too much.

Making a big deal out of the letter Q is going to get really tiresome really fast. Ugh.

I miss Freestyle.


By al - 3:06 p.m. |

good observations
Bring back Freestyle. :-(
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