Monday, April 02, 2007

Memos: Just Say When

  • Had a pretty good weekend, nothing really stood out but it was fun to go out to the Bucket Truck / Flush show last night and just float around and talk to whoever I run into. When you go with a group there's always the feeling like you need to keep track of where everyone is and what people are doing. But when you go by yourself you can be a lot more free to just take a stroll and chat with whoever you come across. Much less stress and more possibility of finding something or someone you weren't expecting.

  • A dude friend of mine just sent me an animated heart 'wink' over MSN. Not sure how I feel about this.

  • I've been finding myself getting into conversations lately where I end up explaining a topic to someone and they always tell me that no one has ever made them understand whatever it was so clearly. This was especially true with the course I tought at work over the last couple of weeks, but also just in general conversation about things like economics or agriculture or fish stocks. I wonder if this is an actual talent I might have.. to absorb a complex topic and relay it so people can understand it. Maybe the all-over-the-place nature of topics I cover on this blog even though I'm really only writing for a core audience of like 6 people might pose the same need. I should think about this further.

  • You know what I haven't had in a while? An honest-to-god, out-and-out, head-over-heals crush on someone. That initial feeling you get when you get to know someone new and exciting, before the inevitable let-down, either from the rejection or just reality dawning that it wasn't the perfect person you imagined, can be quite the thrill. Not sure I want that again, but meeting someone new might be nice.

  • OK, time to try and get some sleep. Even though I never seem to be able to properly fall asleep on Sunday night. Having to relinquish my weekend and fall back into the weekday routine is rather an unfortunate pill to swallow.


By al - 1:03 a.m. |

So I see... we've lost our spark, have we? you're looking for someone new?!

i didn't see you on saturday at the show. it was packed and we left early but it was a damn good show.
Your facebook said you had a crush on some Matt character. Broke my heart, it did.
You can have a crush on me.

Or am I no longer crushable because you didn't have to try to get into my bed? lol
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