Monday, April 16, 2007

Memos: Well Running Dry

  • I still run into people who say they read this blog. I can't imagine why, I haven't had nearly the output as I used to and I'm wondering why. I used to get really attached to a topic, like an election or something else, and feel like I had something to contribute to the general discussion. Now I feel like there are other people who can write better than I do and who have a more consistent output whose work I'd just be replicating. It's not that there is very many Canadian political blogs worth reading, most of them are too inward-focused and more concerned with petty fighting among other bloggers than with communicating with a mass audience and acting as a watch-dog to the press. On the other hand, there just isn't the overarching drive and purpose that the US-based Liberal blogs have when they go up against the most corrupt and criminal US administration in history. I've tried, really I have, but I just haven't been able to work up the blind rage and personal hatred for Stephen Harper that I have for Bush. He's just far too dull for that.

  • Why doesn't homemade bread brown properly when you toast it? It also sucks for making egg-in-the-basket. I still have a whole half a loaf to get through that my grandmother brought me and I'm fresh out of ideas and jam.

  • I went to the PEI Fashion Week show, yesterday. The event is a fundraiser for multiple sclurosis, and they apparently sold out of tickets, which is great news. There were some local designers featured, as well as other independent Canadian designers thanks to Heather from Absolutely Fabulous, who obviously put in a lot of hard work and had a really novel bit where they brought out a girl before their segment who was dressed in nothing special and had no makeup on, and said they would bring her out later with a complete makeover, since their store also has a little beauty salon. It's not like she wasn't gorgeous to begin with, naturally, but they really did great work in such a short time. I'm clearly not normally one who knows the first thing about fashion shows but this was just a fun evening. Afterwards Kelly and I had a good time making fun of people and just generally being awesome like usual, so it was a good night.

  • Filipe Massa won the Formula One race in Bahrain today. It's great to see he's actually learned how to drive. Good for him.

  • I still don't have a new baseball team I can really get behind. The Blue Jays are playing better than they have been in years and years, but I think I still have more of an interest in National League teams. The Cubs would be too obvious, the Mets still have Mike Piazza who's a gigantic tool and ruins the whole team for me, the Marlins are tainted by Jeffrey Loria, who would make me happiest if he could just dive into a vat of live, starving rats. I just miss the days of having my Expos, when I could sit in front of the TV with a whole packet of saltine crackers and watch for hours, and get really excited and into it when the game was close. It's just not the same when you aren't emotionally invested in one of the teams, as much as baseball is still my favourite sport to watch.


By al - 5:07 a.m. |

Piazza is now on the Atheltics:

But I still don't think you should like the Mets.
Well, that's good news. They're still tainted, though.
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