Thursday, April 12, 2007

Going to Vegas!

Yeah, I'm going to Vegas. Going there to meet with a third party equipment provider to do some collaboration work. Should be fun, a bit work during the day and then we should have time in the evening to check out the strip. I'll try to remember to take pictures :-p

Things are pretty hectic for the next couple of weeks. Before I leave, I got a hockey tournament this weekend. My mom's also leaving for Hong Kong and probably expecting me to spend time with her even though I have guests at the house. Then up early Monday to catch the flight to Las Vegas. Back late Thursday night so I can play in another hockey tournament the day after, and try to find time to work security at the Moncton car show for the club.

Upgraded the firmware on the Linksys router in the basement. I've been cursing that thing lately, it's been performing extremely horrible the past few weeks. Hopefully that fixes the problems I've been having. I've been cursing at the damn thing ever since I bought it a couple of years ago.

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