Saturday, April 07, 2007

Memo to CBC Radio

Just a few thoughts about CBC radio..
  • Why oh why do they keep giving Gian Ghomeshi work? Are they hoping that the third time will be a charm for him and are sacrificing the great show Freestyle to do it? They're planning his new show to be some kind of arts and entertainment deal, I'm pretty dubious to say the least.

  • I hate Shelagh Rogers, mostly for her turn of phrase yesterday.. "if this song doesn't melt your heart then it's made of Canadian shield granite." Does the CRTC force her to include contrived Canadiana references in her torturous waxing?

  • The show Fuse on Saturday afternoons has been pretty enjoyable. However, Alan Neil needs to stop fawning over the musicians and acting like getting two random musicians to play together for an hour is some kind of epic event in musical history. He's the James Lipton of yuppie-friendly Canadian indie pop.

  • DNTO is getting really lazy lately. Back when Norah Young hosted it they did all kinds of original material, had some great in-depth interviews and was four hours of really solid listening. Now it's been reduced to two hours where Sook Yin Lee just gets on various regulars to ramble about TV or whatever funny Youtube video the producers were watching while they goofed off and surfed the web during the week instead of working. I have the Internet, I already know what funny things have been going around lately. I don't need someone on the radio to tell me about them a week later. Please do something slightly original.

    The internet is making so many CBC producers very lazy and is sucking away their creativity. Perhaps they should be banned from surfing at work.

  • I can't say enough good things about Vinyl Tap, but maybe I love it more than I otherwise would just out of relief that Danny Finkleman is no longer stinking up my Saturday evening radio listening with his gripes about his toothbrush being too skinny.

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DNTO went from "consistenly excellent," when Norah Young was host, to "usually brings on suicidal thoughts" when SYL took over.
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