Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend Update

As I mentioned in the post below, Sabrina had a few friends of ours over for dinner today. She made all the food and it was all very good. Soup and bruschetta to start, the soup was a pureed vegetable soup that was only a little spicy, and the pesto sauce only caused a horrible allergic reaction in one person, which is only 20%, not a bad casualty rate, really. (Fortunately it was nothing a little antihistaments couldn't handle.) So today I got to learn that most pesto contains walnuts.

After that we had salad with strawberries in it and vegetarian lasagna, and dessert was blueberry tarts. Sabrina did a great job with the food, everyone was satisfied, even the one who was distressed at the idea of a meal that contained no meat at all.

Afterwards a few of us went to see Ghost Rider, which, well, what can one say about this movie other than that it delivers exactly what it promises, a skeleton on fire riding a motorcycle. And that's all I was hoping for. I wanted to say I liked the plot better when it was called Spawn but.. I actually didn't.When we got home Sabrina pretty much went to bed, she's not feeling too well. If I catch this flu that people are getting I will kick holes in walls, I am not getting sick, damnit. So for the next hour I had the real pleasure of doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen and dining room while listening to CBC Radio 2's "Two New Hours" program, where they play new composers' works. This week they had an interview with and played a performance of some of Jennifer Higdon's work which Sabrina said reminded her of Fantasia.

For some reason I really like doing dishes, when I was living in Fredericton I would do whatever dishes were on the counter next to mine just so I could swish my hands around in warm water for longer. I also am getting worse and worse for putting things away and tidying up around the kitchen, tonight it was probably because I wanted to listen to the end of the radio show. I thought I would get to sleep right away afterwards, but of course no such luck, so here I am.


By al - 4:24 a.m. |

did a certain buck 65 song make the cut into the movie?!
hah, if only...
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