Monday, January 08, 2007


Wow did we ever luck out yesterday, perfect moving weather right in the middle of January, and now it looks like a blizzard yet again. I nearly wore my shoes to work instead of my boots having not read the weather today. Yikes.

Mostly moved into the new place now. Big monster cabinet TV is even moved, miraculously enough, though I still haven't plugged it in and tried to turn it on yet. *fingers crossed*

Without cable TV the house is eerily quiet without a ubiquitous sound of some random TV show on in the background all day and all night. It's nice, very peaceful.

Now just waiting for stupid Eastlink to call. Until then I'm trying to get my good red jammies-wearing neighbour to cough up her Airport password, but that won't help poor 20th century Sabrina and her non-wireless desktop.

Sabrina's desk is huge.

We have a deck and some really gross lawn furniture that's now covered in snow and gross rainwater.

I should have moved the last of my stuff yesterday, stupid weather. I still have to move my speakers and my little TV for my room and my other computer. Also we both just realized that we don't own office chairs. I'm half tempted to trawl Ebay for an Aeron chair and splurge a bit, but not too much. I need two though so a cheapy one is also in the cards.

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