Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shopping for House Stuff

Wal-Mart apparently only has those shower scrubber things with little animals on them, like dolphins and ducks and frogs. So when trying to decide what to dget one, you have to use logic. Frogs are slimy. Therefore one gets the duck.

The person I was shopping with bought $200 worth of batteries. It would probably have been cheaper to get in th car, drive across the bridge to Moncton, go to CostCo, buy batteries there and come back.

All of the food in my house right now consists of a box of cereal (Oatmeal Crisp!) and some pringles.

I kick ass at life.

Come eat cereal with me.

Bring milk.

By al - 10:25 a.m. |

were they rechargeable at least?? egawds! that's a lot of battery juice!

suggestion: go to value village for houseware stuff. you can find some really good stuff on the cheap, that WILL last you. zellers can also be sometimes cheaper than walmart. walmart is the easy way out! :P
Dollarama all the way.

Garbage cans, shower scrubbers, and all that jazz.
i concur, dollarama is the BEST for just moved items!!
I concur on the dollarama.
I just went this week and got all the little cleaning/storage things that I needed for my new place.

I also JUST used the dollarama brand gravy on my poutine, and it was surprisingly awesome.
You can get a lot of great little things at Dollarama. Superstore is surprisingly good for stuff around the house.
when i lived on my own my house was totally stocked with dollarama stuff.
until i moved in with someone who stuck their nose up at it and insisted all my stuff gets replaced with his "higher quality" stuff.
then when he moved out i restocked everything from dollarama.
best store ever for everything. EXCEPT oven mitts. mom just bought a pair from there and there's this greasy smelly oil coating on them and i'm PRETTY SURE it left a slight burn pattern when i picked up the casserole dish from the oven. you also HAVE to wash your hands after using them. IT'S THAT GROSS. don't get those. i swear whatever chemical it was, was poisonous.

damn you. all this talk about your "new place" is making me even more antsy to have my own.
ALSO! $200 in batteries??
i'dmake a lewd comment... but i don't know the purchaser, so i'll refrain.
Best lewd comment: "maybe a rip-cord starting gas engine would do you better."
with the comment i had in mind, that's pretty fucking funny.
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