Friday, December 01, 2006

at the super store last night

Okay, I was at the super store last night and while I was ringing in my purchase, the girl at the counter mentions a real bad accident just out in front of the burger king.
Her story,
She was told by a previous customer that a motorcycle was coming down univerity, and a car was trying to turn left to go up university and the two collided. The accident was sever and when the ambulance arrived, they were preforming CPR on the male driver of the motorcycle and eventually put him in the ambulance no lights on.

the problem with this story, if the ambulance drivers felt that CPR might save the driver the man, they would not be allowed to call the time of death.

The customer behind me, apparently a hair dresser at walmart, says as she finishes the story.
That's not what I heard. She was told that the motorcycle, that was being driven by a woman, ran into an SUV, no one was seriously hurt and RCMP where there.

interesting how in a short time since the accident, about 1 hour two completely different stories emerged...I didn't watch compas last night...I wonder what actually happened.

By Sabrina - 11:41 a.m. |

ever find out just what happened?
mom and i were driving down the ave when all the commotion was happening. all i could see was a tow truck, an ambulance, and either 2 or 3 cop cars.

i remember playing a game in kindergarten (and at birthday parties too i guess), everyone would sit in a line and the person at the start would whisper a sentence into the ear of the next person. and then when it got to the last person, they had to say it out loud. almost always it would be completely different. i always found it fascinating.
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