Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Are the people claiming to be offended by the Borat movie actually serious?  Like, if you really thought that the movie was meant to be funny because of the racist and sexist things Borat says on film, and you went anyway, what does that say about you?

I'm apparently going to need to condense the point of this movie into 3 words for some of you to get it:

Kazakhstan is America.

All of the prejudices Borat espouses are ones held by some segment of the American population- homophobia, anti-semitism, male chauvinism. He's not creating some fictional faux-Kazakhstan out of thin air and random absurdities, he's carefully looking under the mask of acceptable discourse and seeing what people are still really thinking in a lot of cases and exposing these prejdices to the air.

Also it's funny that Sean Hannity was happy that such a seemingly ignorant pig like Borat said that he prefers Republicans. He'd be right at home with them.

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