Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm lovin it!

Er. Have it your way? I'm highly succeptible to advertising. Especially when it comes to new foodstuffs. Oooooh. Steak Burger. Oooooh. McRib. The list goes on.

This time they went right for my e-Wang. These BK games are pretty fun for 5 bucks. Although I do think they spent most of the development budget modelling Brooke Burke's ass.

I could tell the girl behind the counter knew of my feigned interest in the Value Combo. I think at one point I may have reached over the counter and demanded the games at nerfpoint. I don't know. Memory's fuzzy.

Sneak King is tiding me over until Thursday's Rainbow Six Vegas. A game developed in Montreal that's been delayed in Canada, yet is currently available across the border. Where's the love?

Also. I'm a very bad influence (Duc should know). As I got my buddy to buy a 360 and he got his buddy and his buddy's buddy to buy one. That's a lotta buddies.

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