Monday, November 20, 2006

Huddled masses

Marriage rocks. That is all.

Continuing on. I didn't stand in line for either of the big launches this weekend. I don't see the point of buying hardware without decent games and I make it a rule never to buy "we gotta churn these suckers out in time for xmas" 1st production runs.

I'd be inviting Al over to play with my Wii, but Nintendo's not subsidizing their offering. So I'm silently protesting them being profitable from Day One. Grrr. Zelda be damned. For years, you've weened me on the subsidy. Weened I tells you!

I'll get one eventually. Metroid beckons. The PS3, on the other hand, I want it to die a quick death. Bring this 'war' back down to 2 parties, whilst keeping the spirit of competition.

I've got no brand loyalty as I end up buying all the systems anyway. It's just Sony's made so many bad moves this go round, that I'm not compelled to buy into their shiny.

-lack of rumble in controller
-content downgrades to 480p for TVs that don't support 720p (namely moi)
-blu ray
-no HDMI cable in the box
-controller doesn't have replaceable batteries
-no single profile online component

But most importantly a good chunk of their launch titles are available on 360. The AAA stuff is a year away. The market's in bad shape if a good percentage of your audience is the non-gamer make a quick buck on eBay type. Scalpers and the impatient make a wondeful combination. Ah. Capitalism.

Quick shout out to Duc. DOA Xtreme 2 is out. I also saw a Ninja Gaiden Ayane figure at Gamezilla. Also. There's this little game called Gears of War that's all the rage with the kids I hear.

Army of Two from EA Montreal looks amazing as well. As much as I despise Electronic Arts. Go canuck devs.

By TVT - 3:08 p.m. |

Yeah, I'm waiting for that must have game on either the PS3 or Wii before I buy one. DOA lead me to get the 360. Nothing for the PS3 or Wii has caught my attention yet.

Gamezilla special ordered the Ayane statue for me a few months back. When it came in guy I normally deal with couldn't believe how nice it was and ordered another one for the store.

Gears of Wars looks like a game you'd get into Tuan.

DOA Xtreme 2 is out??? I guess I'm going to the store after work :-p
dear zelda,
i miss you.
yours forever,

damn consoles being so damn expensive. damn me for being so damn poor. i just upgraded my sega to a psOne a few weeks ago.
i have hardly heard a peep about the ps3. i actually completely forgot it was coming out until it was briefly mentioned around me about a week before launch. it's been all about the (poorly?) named wii and the 360.
mind you, i no longer deal in games, and the gamer in me has (oh so sadly) taken a back seat.
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