Thursday, November 16, 2006

More Trivia

I hosted trivia at the Churchill Arms again this past Tuesday. I always have a blast doing it and I seem to be able to keep the crowd pretty interested, I made a ridiculous amount of money in quarters for beer questions this time, by being really fast-paced and instead of waiting for hands, just letting people shout out answers and pointing out each guess. It was pretty hectic but everyone was into it.

The questions I asked are, of course, at the Trivia Blog. I should get back to updating that thing more regularly when I go and play trivia at Churchill or elsewhere. It's sort of fun to keep track.

By al - 9:21 AM |

Wasn't there a VW Rabbit many years ago? I remember my exboyfriend wanted that to be his first car.
My god, I would have single-handedly owned that trivia, had I went. Even an X-Files question? Current mood: REGRETFUL.
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