Monday, July 31, 2006


Ah the PR train wreck that is the PS3. Now I don't mind stealing ideas. Especially since I'll be buying your end product and if it adds value, all the better. But y'know, saying the competition's ideas are total bunk and then claiming you invented the wheel when no one was lookin - that's another story.

So it's all over the Nerdosphere. Sony swipes Xbox Live's Achievement system. Let's recap.

- releasing 2 versions of the PS3 after saying that the 360 versions would confuse the consumer
- saying you've always had motion sensing planned when Microsoft had it way back with the Sidewinder Freestyle Pro
- saying gamers don't want/aren't ready for internet enabled play during the PS2 era - then promptly touting PS3 online

In all honesty, I hope they do steal it, and Nintendo should follow suit with like Nintendo Merit Badges(TM). Mariopoints? Zeldabucks? :)

And in a perfect world I'd have one Gamertag where all these stats were stored. C'mon. How else am I supposed to measure my e-Wang?

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