Friday, July 28, 2006

What grown ups will do

Okay today at work, I witnessed one of the most bazaar things ever. I watched four grown ups ( ranging from 25 to 32 years in age)have a candy eating contest. They were given 7 minutes to eat 33 spearmint leaves and 40 hot tamalies...It was crazy. The shoved these things in their mouths and chewed...The sucky part is spearmint leaves take a lot of chewing and a lot of room in your mouth. You could see Jaws get tired, mouths get a little green and even bellies get sick, but they all persisted. To top all of this off, all of them had degrees in science and in general I would considered fairly brilliant people.

Apparently next week it is chocolate covered almonds and gummy bears. Yeek!

By Sabrina - 5:50 p.m. |

lol sounds fun..
You can have your baseballs, footballs and your hockeys. Competitive eating is a train wreck of a sport, I can't take my eyes off of.
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