Sunday, July 23, 2006

10 child hood fantasies...I no longer dream about

1) being a rock star...It took a few years but after being told I am tone deaf over and over I eventual conceded and now I no longer try to imagine my self up on a stage with hundreds of people looking at me. I just sing loudly to myself in the car on the way to work in the morning.
2)finding Candy land....Way to many calories...And way too much of a belly ache...Sometimes growing up and learning reality sucks.
3)building the greatest tree house the world has ever seen....Now I want a cute little house on the ground.
4)Being a princess...Wow have you notice how much publicity the royals get...No thanks...I like my privacy. I can just imagine all my little indiscretion splashed all over the tabloids...I'll stick to middle class islander
5)Having a pet alligator...Not to interested in feeding it...Way to much meat.
6)Becoming a super hero...Way to much responsibility...I like to go out and have some fun once in a while.
7)Having peanut butter and jeally for every meal...My palate has grown over the years.
8)Living to be 1000...yeek can you imagine the wrinkles...I've also developed a bit of vanity as I have grown from 5 to over 25.
9)Having a pet dragon...The dragon's I know all require heavy feeding...Again way too much meat.
10)Becoming a mermaid...Still maybe fun...But the pollution in the oceans today...Man humans suck.

By Sabrina - 12:14 a.m. |

Your current living arrangements would do nothing if not save you from being cast into the middle class, thank god :)
1. being a fighter pilot
2. being a fighter pilot
3. being a fighter pilot
4. being a fighter pilot
5. being a fighter pilot
6. being a fighter pilot
7. being a fighter pilot
8. being a fighter pilot
9. being a fighter pilot
10. being a fighter pilot

Funny now that I think abou tit I don't remember any over-arching 'dreams' that I carried around with me for longer than just a little while.

.. other than maybe living on a space ship far away from all the people who were shit to me in school, but maybe it's better that that one didn't come true :)
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