Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Memos: All Patched Up With Empty Words

  • Well, I don't know how many of you know all of this, but the Shoreline festival, which I missed this year, had its last day cancelled, with none of the organizers in sight. Huge shitstorm ensues on the Internets, naturally. Then the organizer, who was nowhere to be found on teh day of the cancellation, comes on Mainstreet and gives vague explanation about weather and safety and something about possible refunds, but no details and no promises and nothing concrete. Sounds, frankly, like a boss I used to have. The kind of talker who can string you along forever, who'll lie ot your face, know you know he's lying, and still do it, because calling him on it, and does it anyway. The personaltiy type that fails at something, so naturally tries to do something even bigger next time around. It's all very poisonous.

    That said, I'll take back the comparison if people actually get a third of their ticket price back.

  • A couple of blog posts of people who were at the show: Martha and Aimee. Music festivals are such fun times, makes me wish I had gone anyway jsut for the first two days of muddy, rainy chaos. Maybe I'll make some proper plans to hit up Evolve in August.

  • I'm making quite a lot of progress using EarMaster. I am much better at pinpointing individual notes than chords. It doesn't help that the MIDI chord that the program plays plays all the notes exactly at the same time with no millisecond delay to possibly hear the single notes. So you really have to learn the 'flavour' of each chord or even the simple combinations of 2 or 3 notes. Very interesting, this kind of drilling is something I should have been doing long ago, but it's neat to have a proper tool for it.

  • Dinosaur Jr. are playing a date in Halifax in September. God I'm excited. September will be officiall my second annual 90s revival month, after seeing Pearl Jam twice and KMFDM last Fall. Matt Good and Melissa Auf Der Maur's show the year before getss honourable can-con mention as year 0. At this rate the Smashing Pumpkins will be playing a reunion show in my back yard in 2 years.

OK, I'm off to trivia, even though I have no idea if anyone else is actually going to show up. That's OK, I wouldn't mind testing my knowledge against the rest of the room.

By al - 7:03 p.m. |

the Mainstreet broadcast sounded like this to me:

"rain rain rain, not one red cent, rain, unfortunately, tropical storm, safety, torrential storm, rain"

I had a good time, regardless.
Yeah I'm still jealous :)
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