Thursday, July 27, 2006

Charlottetown's Live Music Scene

This is a reply I wrote to someone who posted a message complaining about a lack of diversity in Charlottetown's live muxic scene.

The original thread is here. This is the reply I posted:

It could definitely be a lot worse. I lived in Fredericton for years and it was basically either you learned to like jam bnads or you went without live music.

And yeah, I've noticed that I've been going out during the week and staying in on the weekends because most of the bands that are halfway interesting are playing here during the week, but if a touring band is coming through this part of the country they're going to want to be in Halifax or Saint John on Friday and Saturday and if they come here to play an extra night during the week I'nm going to be there, because that's bloody lucky of us to get that.

Frankly a city as small as Charlottetown is and as isolated as it is really shouldn't be getting the acts it does.

And don't fool yourslef, the majority of the bands playing bars in Halifax aren't cutting-edge underground punk acts, Hali also has its share of workaday cover acts for the 35+ crowd, it's just less likely to run into that tehre because there are more bars period and things are less mashed together.

I'm not without my complaints about the music scene here, but new bands not getting a chance to play gigs isn't one of them.

By al - 4:55 a.m. |

Im glad Saint John is so close to Fredericton, because there seems to be a ton of fun bands that come from there.

My favourite dude from Fredericton:

I love ukeleles.
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