Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Radio stations

Okay at work we have switched from Magic 93 to the new ocean 100. My current opinion is in general the radio personalities are not really different from the rest of the radio personalities of island radio. But I didn't really expect that. What I have heard that is different is that they play a much larger range of music. I have heard songs I have forgotten existed. They claim to play everything. Yet I still hear no hard rock on the station. It seems by everything they mean top 40 over the last few decades...Much better. And if they play everything why not dedicate some time to local music. We have some pretty good Canadian, Atlantic Canadian, and Island musicians who deserve some radio play. Come on Ocean 100 broaden your spectrum and give out local musicians the start help they need.

Now I have actually switched my car radio to 105.5 Krock. I am enjoying listened to the rock, as I enjoy rock more than I do pop or easy listening, for the most part. I can't really say much about the radio anouncers as they have 5 or 6 pre recorded messages that tell you they are currently testing their new transmitter. I have hope for them though. Tuesday is the top 100 rock songs on shuffle. I will be interested in what they consider to the top 100. I hope to hear some zeplin, queen, Nirvana, metallica and a lot more on the list. So far on the test, I have actually found the majority of the their selections to be okay. They will always be a few songs that show up that suck, but so is the business. As my friend justin and Al keep telling me their are a lot of people out there with bad music taste.

By Sabrina - 10:23 a.m. |

K-Rock 105.5 are apparently planning a local (as in PEI, but probably will expand to Maritime) rock music showcase for an hour on Sunday nights, to be sponsored by Hunters Ale House. Even though I don't listen to the radio, I think this is a great development and I hope it gets lots of support.

I hear snippets of Ocean 100 when I am at the coffee shop at work in the ATC and it's good for what it is, they seem to be targetting the demographic that's still a bit frightened by the latest over-the-top pop stars, which isn't a bad thing, really. Magic 93can keep that market.

I stil lwill miss CHTN, though. Damnit.
Heh, via is this tidbit from their CRTC application:

"...offer a Classic Hits/Oldies musical format, offering music from the 1960s to the present, targeting primarily female listeners aged 35 to 54."

Definitely trotting this tidbit out if I ever hear a dude say he likes this station.
I have heard some of the new radio station.. seems ok..
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