Saturday, July 22, 2006

Amusing Myself

Well, I'm not going to Shoreline this year. Rides kept falling through and it just became too last minute. I've been feeling a little isolated and alone in a crowd lately, having that feeling multiplied and stretched over 4 days might not have been the best situation to put myself in right now, anyway.

Maybe I'll do something constructive this weekend, like seriously get into this ear training software that I just bought, EarMaster Pro, as a way to make up for the massive amounts of self-destructiveness I'm missing out on.

I've been really exasperated about the news lately. But even more with myself when I noticed that more Iraqi civilians died yesterday than the total number of deaths in Israel and Lebanon so far due to this conflict. But Iraq is old news, apparently, and reporters can still safely walk the streets in Haifa and Beirut, and so even my attention was grabbed by what's exciting and new. There's something very very wrong happening in the world right now, and it's brought on by the industrial nations, even as they looked so dazed at the G8 conference a week ago.

I'm currently reading, basically in one sitting, George Orwell's Homage to Catalonia, recounting his service at the front lines of the Spanish Civil War. Bet they never mentioned this part of his life when you read 1984 in Grade 12, did they? I may or may not write a longer post about it, I don't think I have any serious idea that I could contribute anything new by writing about it, so I'l ljust tell you to go read it. It's legal to find it online and read it in Canada, because the copyright term of it, and the rest of Orwell's work, has expired.

By al - 6:59 a.m. |

Ear training software?
You wouldn't happen to have a copy of TongueMaster Pro kickin around would you?

I hear ya on the news media thing. Every time I'm tempted to blog on it, it ends up something like "Dear World, Grow the fuck up. Hugs N' Kisses, Tuna".
You wouldn't happen to have a copy of TongueMaster Pro kickin around would you?

Why? What have you heard?
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