Thursday, July 20, 2006

What roses?

I'm a product of the net generation and can never go back. In my youth I used to read novels. There's nothing wrong with them. I just don't have the attention span for them with competing instant gratification media. The typical, I'll wait for the movie syndrome. I'm a visual creature. I want to see your vision in glorious technicolor, not my vision. TV killed that.

I no longer watch TV. Why wait? I can download what I want to watch and when. News is instantaneous on the web. Why go to one source when I can google/blog it? Aggregate sites. Everywhere. All at my fingertips.

I no longer listen to albums. If a track doesn't excite me then I skip to the next. So now, most musicians are reduced to 1 or 2 catchy singles without any lasting power. Y'know. That one track on that CD that you passed over but upon repeated listenings grew on you and now it's one of your favourites. Yeah. That one. -- Dead to me.

Shopping. What? Walmart doesn't have it? eBay. And I don't have to waste gas.

The microwave. I'm hungry. I want it now.

IM/email/blogging. My sense of sentence structure is shot. I'll throw in the odd comma here and there to let you breathe, but I'm quite happy letting these suckers run on. Less keystrokes that way. Fragments ahoy.

Do I miss life before the OnDemand world? Meh. Not really. But it's my loss and this post is getting long. Oop. Flavor's gone.

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I also spend way to much time in front of my computer.. but I love it..
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