Friday, July 21, 2006


Clerks II is out this week. The trailer didn't make me laugh at all, so I was kinda disappointed. Nothing stood out. Well, other than seeing familiar faces, 'cept only older. Maybe it's just my inner cynic asking "how fun is it to watch aging slackers make boob n' fart jokes?". Did I get my fill in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? Eh. We'll see.

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I got a similiar impression when I saw the trailer. First I was like "Kevin Smith made another Jay and Silent Bob movie? I thought he wanted to get away from all that move on to other things. . . like Jersey Girl". Then again, I'll probably see it. Not sure how good it'll be.
Funnier than the movie is the bitch fight between Smith and Joel Siegel.
I still wanna see it for some reason..
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