Friday, July 28, 2006

Memos: Rocking the MEPIS Edition

  • So I'm writing this on my laptop running the latest MEPIS LiveCD Linux distribution. I'm pretty impressed so far, wireless networking and my USB mouse worked right away, no sound though, but it's a laptop and Linux has always been sketchy with Toshiba laptops. It comes with enough applications to keep a person productive in an emergency, say, landing at your grandparents' place and having to do a little work without disturbing their spyware-ridden Windows installation.

    I haven't experimented with storing my home directory on portable media like my iPod yet, I'm sure there's a way I just don't really need to so I'm not going to investigate too much. Thumbs up for what it is, though I'm going to stick with Windows until my next computer purchase which will certainly be a Mac.

  • Did anyonee else notice how quickly the streets and sidewalks dried up after the brief torrential downpour we had? Just goes to show how hot it is here. Not used to that.

  • I'm noticing how getting bored with a certain social networking website or community weblog or message board will inevitably cause you to lose contact with some of the members that you mainly stayed in touch with through a given site. What do you say in that situation? "I'm sorry, it's not you, it's MySpace"?

  • I'm just noticing now that KDE's icons are still fugly. Maybe Germans just can't do design. It's like, some shmuck of a programmer was stuck with the job of doing the UI, and read somewhere that items in an icon should be at 45 degree angles to each other, so he does this fro every single one, and never breaks the rule, so you end up with an application bar that looks like it has spikes angled up to impale your mouse pointer. Sure Windows is ugly, but it's a familiar ugly, so it doesn't intrude on my sense of aesthetic fen shui quite so much anymore.

  • Note to GNOME developers: Having new windows pop up in opposite corners of a screen is lazy UI programming. Go in and come up with a proper window placement algorithm that takes more than 3 seconds to design, fercrissakes. Programmers are the laziest people onearth, sometimes.

  • OK, this Linux business is getting on my nerves now, and these little fish swimming aroundin a task tray program while I have no sound aren't helping. Time to reboot. If this CD is ever warmed by the heat of a CD-ROM drive ever again I'll be slightly surprised.

By al - 8:44 p.m. |

Hey man.. you should try Kubuntu Live DVD.. I can burn you one if you like.. let me know..
That's awesome. Were I single and frequented bars I would so steal that line.

"I'm sorry, Baby. It's not you - it's MySpace." *insert puppy dog look and shrug*

That is assuming a Bizarro world situation where hot women flung themselves at me and I had to fend them off with my pen knife. :)
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