Friday, June 02, 2006

Coming Home for Another Weekend

Well, I'm finishing up my stint here in Toronto and I'll be heading back to the island this afternoon. I'll be here for the weekend and then I'm off to Mexico early Wednesday morning.

I guess I'm just not a sun and surf kind of person since the idea of this trip isn't getting me excited at all. I'd kind of wish the timing was better, since I'm just starting work and am actually wanting to get into some kind of rhythm with what I'll be doing. Oh well, I'll endure I suppose.

My big thing to do before leaving is find a t-shirt or somesuch with a stridently left-wing or subversive message on it for the benefit of any born again christian Americans I will surely be having my fill of while there.

In the meantime I'll have the weekend to worry and second guess myself and over-prepare while forgetting something obvious. That's usually how I go about flying anyway.

By al - 12:32 p.m. |

shit yo, i'll pretend to be your sisters brother and you can stay here and work. i'm willing to do this for you. i'll take one for the team!

ps. DON'T forget your camera. and actually USE it this time! yeesh!
I swear there was nothing worth photographing in Toronto. Unless you're impressed by corporate logos in front of buildings, which one guy was.

"Oh man, I wanna get a picture of that ATI building."

point well taken
I can't wait to see the pictures from when you get back from Mexico. Eeeeeeeep!
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