Thursday, May 25, 2006

Serendipity 360

Made the jump. Eb is running a 360 trade up promotion right now. Unfortunately, I haven't really got my game on for the past year. Ah yes, transition years, where nothing major gets released cause everyone's gearing up for the next cycle.

I took a look at the upcoming releases for the Xbox and Gamecube - they're pretty much dead. So I traded in both and surprisingly got enough store credit to afford the Premium 360.

This thing looks great even on old school teevee. And though I hate batteries, the untethered freedom is quite nice. Now I just need to find out how to get all that pre-loaded promotional crap off my hard drive. Addidas commercial. I'm lookin at you.

By TVT - 1:09 p.m. |

You should see it in High-Def. . . or widescreen VGA. You might not think normal TV is good anymore :-p
All in good time. I've got my own family to support now so I've gotta be thrifty. :)

But the big question is, should I get Da Vinci 360 or Rockstar Presents Table Tennis?...

Lookin at a few auctions on the VGA cable. Have you gone on Xbox Live yet? They made the basic service free. I tried out Perfect Dark Zero and downloaded a bunch of game trailers. Good stuff. There's a fair amount of demos but I hate waiting for a gig to download. Ugh.

Might be picking up Gotham 3 today.
Ya know, Jody said the something simuliar since he just got a house. Granted you traded in 2 systems, he went out and bought a new 360 premium pack.

TABLE TENNIS! Then we can invite Greg down to play :-p

Walmart has a 360 VGA cable for $25. I have my 360 connected to my network. Silver doesn't do much. I get access to the market space so I can download free demos/trailers/etc and access to the live scoreboard (I have the ~5000 highest score in DOA4 survival). I can't play against anyone online, apparently you need a gold membership for that.

Biggest beef: when you download, you can't do anything else but F#@$-ing wait. The thing's got 3 freaking processors and it can't do anything else while it's downloading hundreds of megabytes? Not everyone can afford to get a T3 connection to their house, so I have to get the thing to start downloading and go do something else.

I got the demo for PGR3, it seems like a really good game. I'd pick it up, but I'm waiting for the price to drop. . . plus I still haven't finished Magna Carta yet.
Free 360 for getting rid of obsolete hardware > paying for said hardware. :)

Grand Theft Ping Pong always cracks me up. They've given it the seriousness and production values of a major EA game. You go Rockstar.

I signed up for the 1 month Gold trial. I don't plan on subscribing (not a big online gamer) and they just cancel your trial after the month - never had to enter credit card. I like that the basic service if free, unlike Xbox. I might get the extra cars for PGR3 in the marketplace.

Beef solved. Thanks for the tip. I'll waltz over to Walmart.
Oh yeah. I love being officially old.

My gamertag: Tuan Vantu

99% of gamertags:
D3m0n L0rd360
How did you get the 1 month trial gold membership??? I've been looking for that even since I got the damn box.
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