Tuesday, May 23, 2006

That's Just Not Right

How is it that someone from the Maritimes has to wait till he gets to Toronto before he gets to experience being chased by a goose?

So I decide to go for a walk around Markham today, just to see what was what. Mostly there was a whole lot of condo developments and stark-looking corporate buildings. Pretty much sterile and dead, save for the sketch-tastic strip mall filled with booths selling counterfeit DVDs and a karaoke bar. *shudder*

So when I'm waslking back to the hotel I'm mostly not paying attention to anything, since the town is so dead, until a mother goose chased her babies across the highway onto the sidewalk right in front of me. Then she started hissing at me, and I don't know quite what to do. I start to back away and it starts walking towards me. I finger the strap of my bag wondering if it would be wise to take a swing at the thing if it gets any closer. It's making noises like my cat when she's got a hairball, between honks and wing flaps. But fortunately her babies didn't get the signal to stop so she had to go chase back after them and left me on the deserted corner in corporate hell.

So this is big city living.

By al - 1:03 a.m. |

I actually laughed right out loud when I read this. I got the best mental picture ever. I wish I could share it with you. That's an awesome story. Thanks for sharing it with us

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