Thursday, May 25, 2006

Email notes

Okay this was put together from an email type long I was keeping. Just jotting down some ideas in my email and sending it to myself. It's kind of corny, and the first part I posted a few weeks ago, but here is what it is.

Their first meeting didn't go so well. As she saw it She was knighted to her king and he was a heathen that believed in false gods. As he saw it, he was the top warrior to his clan and she was a horrible fate sent by the demon gods, to torturer and destroys his world.

On a battle field scatter with blood, she hauled a dripping sword from the corps of some small man's body as he drove his spear deep into the back of an armored knight. Both their opponents died, seconds before their eyes meet. In an unusual pulled they gather their weapons and headed directly for each other. Stepping through piles of human body parts, weapons posed to strike. The short distance that separated them was closed with vicious intent. As the reached each other they began the battle. Her sword was deflected by his pear and she brushed the point of his spear off with a shield. The battle going on around them continued to wage with great horrors against man kind being committed, the death blow to one of her comrades would be the most significant moment in either of their lives. Her comrades body fell striking both of them near the knees, cause both of them to stumble in mid swing she reached out with her shield hand and he did with his free hand. IN that second as she grabbed his arm and he caught her hair on the side of her head, it happened. Her sword found it's mark, his spear found her abdomen and they both felt it in their dying breath. They fell to the ground in a momentary struggle to reach the other and say what they knew to be true. The death that followed was quick and would separate them.

The second time they met, life was no easier than it was the first time. Their whole lives had been spent in war. She was the daughter to a great commander, he was the captain to the enemy's troops. He found her during an invation. Plucked away from the comforts of her fathers home and tossed in cells with other prisoners, like common slaves. She had been a prisoner for over a month when he was investigation the cages they had been put in. He quickly discarded the bodies of the dead and killed the sick with no second thought. She was huddled in a corner he hopes he would not look at her. He did.

He reached out and put his hand on her shoulder. Both were horrified at what they felt. They knew exactly what the other was going through. He stopped frozen as she gazed up with horror in her eyes.

"Take this one to my tent! And don't let her escape" His words were spoken to a near by soldier. Who simply did exactly what he thought he should.

The girl ended up in the tent of General, stripped and tied. The soldier placed her there. He new the rules about prisoners and the captains orders were wrong, Prisoners belonged to the Prince. He alone could chose a fate for them. The captain would need to talk for his actions and the girl would pay.

The captain never saw the girl, it was more than a month before he would here what her fate was. She was taken directly to the prince and he held her prisoner, for his own use. At the day he heard of her fate he leaned of his own. The troupe had returned home on the day of their victory and the Princes' guard took him in custody. He was charged with treason against the Prince. For months he was to be imprisoned and as a punishment, each time the prince decided to visit him, he would bring the girl and taunt his ownership of the girl in front of her. Grabbing at her body, making her do unspeakable things in front of the captain. Then on the day of his death the captain watched as she was beaten and raped until she was dead. Her dead body burned next to his live one.

No meeting in centuries they had, was fated to work. They once met sitting next to each other on a boat traveling in search of gold and adventure. The boat sank. Another meeting involved walking on to a bridge and coming across each other. As they smiled at each other, turning their heads to follow each other across the bridge. The bridge collapsed killing not only them but hundreds of others.

In a long over due event, when kings still had their power, and knights where still among the highest of prized people they finally where able to meet and have what was destine to be theirs.
The day they met was unlike anything anyone had ever seen. Snow fell from the sky, in large wet flakes. The flakes where flown around the sky with the fury of a thousand windstorms, twisting and turning in the sky, creating at first an eye pleasing event, which quickly turned into a torment to the skin. Animals hid in the woodlands, people huddled in their beds and homes for any warmth and comfort it may provide. Two small children had lost their parents.

The little boy was no more than 6 and was steadily crying as he tried to find his mother in the blinding snow fall. He cried out for his mother over and over, as he stumbled through the growing pile of snow. In the end he found a stair case, that provided some protection and ducked under it. There he found a smaller girl, younger then himself. She was huddled in the corner, crying over her lost mother.

It took several hours of sobbing, while looking at each other before they talked. The stormed out lived that wait by several hours. In the wee hours of the morning, they were huddled together for warmth. As the storm began to die down they fell asleep. Only to woke by a two set of parents screaming their names. Each made their way out from under the steps, screaming "Mommy" at the top of their lungs. They found their mothers and were separated again for years.

He became a junior soldier and as fate would have it her father became a military armorer. She spent her adolescent days walking around the fields looking at the soldiers as they practiced drills and leaned new skills. She found it most fascinating to watch as they hit each other and hand to hand combat was her favorite, especially the young men who normally ended up just wrestling like young boys. She would pretend to pick flowers near the edge of the training camps and always returned to her fathers shop with glorious bouquets of flowers to decorate with. It never bothered her that her father was a man, and felt no need to make his smith shop pretty. But she insisted. As time wore on, she helped her father more and more, she would help gather wood and coal for the fire, she was even strong enough to lift the metals and bring them to her father. By the time she was sixteen she was testing each sword herself , for balance and stability, stroked and even the sharpness of the blade. She knew more about swords then most of the soldiers ever did.

When a new crew of young men came, it was her, who accepted the duty of arming the, according to the length of sword, best suited to them. It was nearing her 17th birthday that one particular boy caught her attention. She reconised him even through 13 years of growth, and age had changed him so completely. She armed each of the new boys with their weapons except him. She waited until all had gone, to their new drill sergeants before she found a sword for the boy.

He smiled at her as she passed the weapon on. He took the blade from her hand in a slow jester, then said in a voice so quiet, she barely heard him "I remember you!"

She glanced down briefly and smiled shyly. "I remember you to."

It would be more than ten days before she saw him again and it nearly drove her nuts. But when she did see him, it brought her great joy. A few days later, they got to speak. The started with the memory from their childhood. Then went onto describe what had happened since. Her mother had died, of a sickness of the lungs. Her father had gone from being the towns blacksmith to the royal armorer. His Mother and Father had mostly been farmers, he grew up their. His eldest brother was going to get the farm, and his sister had long since left to marry a man, he did not like. He was left to do what ever he wanted. He had joined the ranks of the Junior soldiers, a year late, but curious if this would fit his wish for his own life. So far it did.

Once the catch up was over, they talked about numerous things. Just getting to know each other. Days and weeks passed and each day when his training was done, he found his way to a hill near by the armorer’s smith.

They though, no one noticed, but her father did. He was a quiet man and would be glad to see his daughter married to a young man becoming a soldier. He could provide for her.

The year, he stopped being a Junior solder and actually was accepted to be a full grown soldier was the year that they married. This time they had their happily ever after.

Now if I can figure out what I want to do with it.
Sorry for the disaster of gramer and spelling

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