Friday, May 12, 2006

World of Mastercraft

I got a brilliant idea for a new massively multi-player mahoojit. What if?... We crossed The Sims with garbage picking?

You'd have countless hours of excitement creating your digital Maritimer avatar. Mild mannered call center worker by day; eco-warrior by night.

It'd all be online of course. I could go over to your virtual home and delight amongst the old sofa and assorted gewgaws that only the finest micropayments can buy.

Competing players could take the by-law enforcement officer career path. Issuing citations and bannings for anyone caught.

Foreign players would go gangbusters on this stuff. They'd hire out their scrap metal farming services to the ire of the online community.

Damn. I'm astounded by my own genius and that's not just the hyperbole talkin! Get Blizzard and Will Wright on conference call.

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