Saturday, May 06, 2006

long shot...but if

IF anyone sees this dog, can you repond to this and let me know how to contact you?
He was last seen in the Mount pleasant Enmore area, and is extreamly friendly. He would easily go with anyone

chenook the little buggar

By Sabrina - 6:48 p.m. |

Oh no, Beanie did you lose a pup?
Yeah, you probably remember chenook,, we had him in NS...all those years ago. And now he has apparently run away?????? Most of us are under the opion someone saw him and took him, we just wish they would give him back. I know that is unfair to say. But really for miles around there is no hint and he just not in good enough shape to run 4 or 5 km to get where we wouldn't find him.
I remember them both. On occasion I spent more time petting the both of them than hanging out with you.

:( I am so sorry Sabrina. It isn't fair at all, I'll think happy puppy thoughts for you.
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