Friday, May 05, 2006

I Hate White. . . .

I when back through the archive to find out when I last posted pictures of my resin project. That was two weeks ago. I'm still working on f$%^ing white.

Well, the first problem I had was I ran out of the white acrylic paint that came in the paint sets I started with and I could only find bottles of enamel paint locally. I wanted to keep things moving along, so I decided to try airbrushing with enamel paints. I didn't want to ruin the better airbrush, so I switched to the cheaper one that came with the air compressor. The problem with using enamel paints, you have to thin them for airbrushing. Thinning white is a nightmare. Too thin and the paint doesn't stick or the paint runs. Too thick and the airbrush clogs up, the paint sputters and the uneven and over-thick paint ends up like the ice at a curling ring. At one point, I even went back and did a few coats with a traditional paint brush. . . still surprised how well that went.

While I may spend a hour or two applying a coat on the different pieces, waiting for them to dry is the longest part. After a day it's still not completely dry so when you put the sandpaper to it, paint just sort of rubs off. It takes at least two days for it to really dry. I did a lot of sanding between coats trying to smooth things out.

Enamel paint fumes. Perhaps I should have moved to a better location, but I had to take a day or two off at one point to clear the fumes out of the room and my head. That was pretty bad.

I've gotten better at using the airbrush and I have a rather good mixture of paint/thinner now. Thinking I'll be doing one or two touch-up coats of white before unmasking and moving to the next colour: black.

By Ming - 9:51 a.m. |

Swore off enamels a long time ago. Acrylics all the way, even if you have to import the stuff.

Also, the untraditional Krylon Fusion is great for the hobbyist.

I've never assembled anime boobies though... :)
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