Friday, May 12, 2006

Weird workaround for crashing Firefox

So I've mentioned before that for some reason my installation of Firefox would immediately crash if I logged in to MySpace. Since I've become sucked into that particular vortex of shameful addiction it was keeping me using Opera for quite a while now. However I've noticed that the latest versions of Firefox are even faster than Opera at loading pages, so I've been wanting to switch back.

Still haven't figured out the crashing though, though. I have an unused user account on this Windows XP installation, and when I run Firefox from there and go to MySpace and log in everything works fine, which is infuriating. I tried uninstalling Firefox, deleting every trace of a profile or cath folder (not a simple task, now that I've done it.) and installed several different versions of Gecko-based browsers, from the venerable Seamonkey to the latestnightly Firefox 'minefield' builds, but they all would result in a crash.

But just tonight I found a randomly bizarre workaround, if I go to my MySpace profile page while not logged in, and click on 'instant message', a new small window opens up, which asks me to log in. If I log in from there it will work just fine, and will take me to my start page, squeezed into that little browser window. But this will leave me logged in so I can then click 'home' in my main browser window and am back on the Open-source bandwagon.

I hate software.

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Know what the problem is? You're using Windoze! Change to Linux and see what happens!
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