Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Weekend. . . .

Finally finished with the white paint coats on the resin statue. It turned out pretty good (considering all the problem I've had). Picture of the pieces, all masked up:

And here unmasked and after a bit of touch up:

I'll probably start with the black paint tomorrow unless I decide to work on a different project.

The resin project wasn't a huge part of my weekend though. Spent most of the weekend cleaning around the house and cleaning the Celica. I've been meaning to clean-up the Celica for a while now, so I washed and waxed the car. Even took the wheels off to clean and wax them as well.

With the auto-salmon season just a bit over a week away, I decided to time how long it takes to change wheels while I was cleaning my street wheels. I was rather slow last year and I wanted to try a few things to see if it helped speed things up. 30 minutes isn't bad, but faster would be better especially for the Wednesday night events.

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Ummmmm auto-salmon...
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