Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Off to Toronto

 Well, work is sending me out to do transition work for about three weeks. I will be back on the Island for about 3 days at the end of May, then back to Toronto for another half a week, and home for two days on the 5th, then off to Mexico for Katherine's wedding on June 7th, and I'll be coming back from there on the 14th. So I'll basically be away for the better part of a month, living in hotels, eating every kind of international type food I can think of and more, I'm sure, and working myself to death trying to learn everything there is to know about [deleted] in way too short a time.

I'll try and blog as much as I can about my non-work adventures. I'll be staying out in Markham but I'l ltry and get into the city as much as I can. I've already had a few good suggestions of places to visit, but I'd welcome any others, of course.

Now I'm off to panic about what I need to bring that I don't have...

By al - 6:29 p.m. |

I'll take you anywhere you want to go except the Bata Shoe Museum. That is my fascism.
What about your dog? Where's she staying? WHO is going to LOVE HER!
I always like to stop by the Pacific Mall when I'm in the GTA. It's like a little taste of HK. . . without the HK. . . .

The subway is pretty good in Toronto. Moving around should be too bad.
Until I give you the wrong directions for everything and you end up in Ajax! Ha!
Yes... what about Rowena!!!!!!!!

P.S. I miss you already.
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