Thursday, May 18, 2006

I shouldn't even be writing this..

I should, by all rights, be physically dead right now.

I've not slept enough for the past 5 days. I didn't sleep at all last night. I was out of bed at 4am to get to the airport at 5 to be on a plane at 6, and then the very helpful lady behind the air canada desk crosses out our connecting flight gate and writes in another one, which turned out to have no plane at it. So we have to run to the place we should have been to begin with and nearly miss our connection.

When we got in we went straight to the frightening corporate HQ of the company I'll be working on contracts for and we went right to work after lunch. So this hotel bed better be the greatest thing in the universe or I might just up and float away.

Looks like Shan and I have tentative plans to hang out on Saturday. Not sure what I should do friday, it's sort of hard because the last train is pretty early and the transit out here sucks to begin with. (stupid corporate wasteland suburb on the other side of Toronto from other corporate wasteland suburb that I'm working in.

Note: Anyone who spends even a second a day commuting to work on Toronto's highway system is a sucker. I'm staying in PEI. I get to walk to work (for now, anyway) and it's heavenly.

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